Maa 3 2016



Still @ Tallipiha, Tampere 5.7.2016.

Still @ Raikku Rokkaa ja Rakastaa -festival, Kangasala 20.8.2016.

 Welcome !

Syy 7 2015

Seuraava keikka Sappeen Matkailukeskuksessa ravintola Huipussa la 28.11.2015. Showtime klo 2200.

Next gig at Sappee Ski Resort, Event centre Huippu 28 November 2015. Showtime 2200.

Elo 11 2015

R3 Festival

“Brothers and sisters, we are here for one reason and one reason alone.

To share our love of music. We present to you country music without prejudice.”

Huh 24 2015

Hello World !

Working on a new album since 7 February 2015.

Estimated publishing year 2030.  ;)

Tam 2 2014


Kes 27 2013

NEW ALBUM OUT 12.7.2013 !!!

Order your own copy of One Less Thing album from

Syy 20 2012

Wouldn´t I Say So Video Release 20.09.2012.

Tou 16 2012

New single released

wisscover 15.05.2012

Second single released from the upcoming album…

Please enjoy!  Press HERE!


Maa 13 2012

Packing up!

Packingup 14.3.2012

One week till the first Kangasala show this year!

Everybody move your steps towards Cesar’s Pub on Saturday 24 March.

Check our upcoming gigs from the SHOWS section.

Maa 13 2012

VIDEO RELEASED 29.02.2012!

ytlesson Hello friends!
Our first video ever, reached over 1000 views in 17 days.

Thanks to all the fans and the Birdrock Avenue Production.
More to come in this summer. To watch video, press HERE!